The Floor Show
@ONONO, Preview Thursday 21st Sept 7 - 9pm

Jeremy Irons on the floor
We said: ok
But we're gonna draw on it first
It's OK because:
We're all over with the floor
Come dance on the underneath
of what was once floor
to music
and also
painted on
the floor.
And now that we are on the
floor , the floor is


Timur Akhmetov
Josephine Baan
Seecum Cheung
Raluca Croitoru
Clementine Edwards
Angelica Falkeling
Daniel Fogarty
Tracy Hanna
Alexander Iezzi
Clara J: son Borg
Mitchell Kehe
Ash Kilmartin
Henrietta Muller
Collette Rayner
Erika Roux
Natalia Sorzano
Eothen Stearn
Daniel Tuomey
Floor Show