Ken, Touch This

Ken is a real human. Have not seen him around for a while. Missing Ken. Missing him a lot.

We were thinking about him last week. Some friends came over and we ate pizza. Ken was not there. Ken does not even like pizza. But really. What type of person does not like pizza.

I started thinking about what type of person Ken is. I know he's not typically good, or even honest. But for some reason I trust Ken in ways that I do not trust anyone else.

Ken has a tree outside of his bedroom window. He calls his room 'the treehouse'.

Ken sometimes visits the zoo. He does not care about the unhappiness of the animals. He just feels calm there. I see his point.

He said to me once, 'We all have to live together. And some of us are pricks. '

I've learned from watching Ken. I watch him eat. Sometimes I watch him sleep. I watch him talk to other people. I watch him drink too much and get lairy. I watch him be kind to his daughter. I watch him shy away from conversations sometimes. I watch him get up at the football. I watch him clean up after I cook.

I tie my shoe laces as tight as I can on shoes that are too big for me. A lot of stuff in life does not exactly fit.

Anyway, we've been here, we're waiting for Ken.

Ken, Touch This
An exhibition of new members: Daniel Fogarty, Tracy Hanna, Cihad Caner, Clara J: son Borg, Raluca Croitoru

Opening: 6-9pm, Friday 24/02
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Ken, Touch This