ONONO is pleased to present a one night event containing performance and installation by Tarik Speelman and Theresa Münz, with scenography by Ash Kilmartin.

The work will explore ideas of personal formation: of becoming, of being, of listening and of talking to one another.

Friday 26 April, 19.00 – 21.00

Tarik Speelman
From an eagerness of endlessly researching every topic that had my interest, generating a lot of theoretical knowledge, it is now time to put stuff out into the world. And that’s actually the scariest thing for me, I have to let go of barriers taught to me during my upbringing. Studying visual arts (photography / film making / drawing) and volunteering work gave me time to practice and hone my crafts. From being the introvert and spending hours of time alone in the photo studio creating stop motion videos, I began to explore my extroverted tendencies through organizing events, giving others a stage to shine or people the option to get creative themselves. When co-organizing Zine Club events at WORM/Pirate Bay, I fell in love with making Zines. Personal Zines especially feel like a medium that fits me: putting writings and drawings together intuitively. Movement (dance) and music production are other main threads nowadays. Storytelling through introspection.

Theresa Münz
Starting from a painting background I became tired of the canvas as a medium. I discovered that it creates great pleasure to craft with materials that I find on the streets and in the trash. The unpredictable nature of trash and the transformation into characters allows me to rethink the intention of a material. It challenges me to come up with new and inexperienced visuals. The characters that come out can be seen as alter egos of myself or spirit animals that personify a facet of my mind. In different contexts, they are struggling with the profundity of life and triviality of existence. They don't try to find solutions. They are the solutions.
Edges Soften, Careful with Believing